Project Detail

The company was starting operating its all new Module 3 power station. While starting up the unit, the main steam valve broke. They installed the spare valve but it broke too and ran out of spare parts. The client contacted us because we had a previous successful reference at one of the company’s power plants.

After an initial survey, we found out that the valve was severely damaged to the extent that we needed to repair almost one third of it from inside.

The repair process included filling in the cracks by welding, finishing the part by grinding and gaping, contact surface testing until we made sure we have full contact surface.

Finally we tested the valve after installation to ensure that it can work problem-free under high steam pressure. The valve normally should work under 120 bar steam pressure at 600 degree Celsius, so we tested the valve under 300 bar (that’s 1.5x the normal operational conditions).  The test was successful at the first time and the valve entered the service instantly. 

We managed to repair the valve in 5 days.


Since the valve was severely damaged, there were no dimensions to work based on. To overcome such challenge, we got the standard specs and dimensions from the manufacturer’s website then we scanned the damaged part and took reference points then we started our repair process.

Another major challenge was the fact that the minister of electricity and energy had to undertake what is going on around the clock due to the importance and critical nature of the situation which stemmed from the approaching summer season in Egypt, which is usually accompanied by a significant increase in demand for electricity. We managed to fix the problem in 5 days!

Client : Middle Delta Electricity Production Company

Location : Nobareya Power Plant

City : Nobareya

Country : Egypt

Finished On : October 20, 2010

Remarks : The project was completed in 5 days, with the savings returned to the client.