Project Detail

Savola’s sugar factory in Sokhna city -which produces the finest sugar brand in Egypt “El Osra” and is considered one of the biggest sugar factories in the country- had a set of damaged turbine and generator journal bearings. The client had no spare parts and new spare parts order would take a lot of lead time. The client is well-known for his strict compliance with international standards and scientific work. They usually do not work with local workshops. We were referred to the client’s cheif engineer by a popular university professor in Faculty of Engineering-Cairo University, Dr. Ragaei Rashad.

We paid the client a visit to get a brief about the issue. At the begining, the client was skeptical and taking us light (being a local company that he thought would not be up to the level to do the job), but that soon completely changed after we started to ask the right questions and explain our process and solution which showed our level of expertise.

He introduced us to his engineering team and he asked them to bring and show us the damaged journal bearings to agree on the scope of work. We managed to close the deal before leaving the client’s office.

The scope of work included the repair of five journal bearings, one of them was considered critical to the client because it was the turbine’s journal bearing.

The project was a big success and the repaired journal bearing had been working for 7 years and still in service. Moreover, we got awarded another project two weeks later included the repair of additional six journal bearings bringing the total of repaired parts to eleven.


The client did not have the dimensions of the journal bearings and its clearance. To solve the problem, we asked the client just to provide the dimesions of the turbine shaft and turbine model and we managed to specify the clearance using our experience and scientific standards.

Another challenge was the client’s request to deliver the turbine’s journal bearing urgently to be able to operate the turbine and resume the work.
We managed to deliver the repaired journal bearing after 48 hours and the client was delighted.

Client : Savola

Facility : Sugar Factory

City : Sokhna

Country : Egypt

Finished On : March, 2008

Remarks : The project was completed in 2 days, and we got awarded another project 2 weeks after.