Project Detail

The client had a large quantity of damaged turbines and generators journal bearings in two of their major power plants, 10 in Kafr EL Dawwar power plant and 4 in Abu Qeer power plant. The client had no spare parts and they had to contract a company to repair the damaged parts. It was the biggest journal bearings tender ever issued in Egypt.

One of the tender’s conditions was to send the parts to be repaired abroad and not in Egypt because the client’s engineers were a bit skeptical about the know-how and quality being provided in Egypt. Since we were confident with our capabilities which we gained from previous successful deliveries of several similar projects, we offered to perform the job in Egypt instead to save time and budget, especially that the delivery time if done abroad would be at least 6 months. However, the client insisted on sending them abroad and we had no other option but to comply with the client’s desire. We submitted our offer supported by our strong expertise and previous references in several other power plants around the country. We won the tender and sent the damaged parts to the US. 

When we discussed the project (and the technology that will be used) with the American company that we sourced for repairing the first 14 journal bearings, they were a bit surprised due to the fact that the technology we use is better and more advanced than the one they use -at that time we were one of the pioneers in adopting and using the newly introduced Cold Metal Transfer welding technology (which we used locally in repairing an additional batch of 6 journal bearings that we got awarded later on during the project through another urgent direct order). 

The repaired parts were all delivered and installed successfully without any problems.

The Challenge

Few days later, we received another direct urgent order from the client to repair additional 6 journal bearings. This time, they requested to do it in Egypt due to a major critical issue in Kafr El Dawwar Power Plant that calls for an urgent solution, and they cannot afford waiting for 6 months. This brought the total quantity of awarded parts to 20 journal bearings divided onto two batches (14 were sent to US. and 6 got repaired in Egypt).

The second batch of 6 journal bearings were delivered and installed successfully before the the first batch arrives. The client could not believe that the delivered parts were repaired locally and they were surprised by the high quality and level of professionalism of our work. Few months later, the first batch of 14 journal bearings had been arrived, delivered and installed successfully without any problems.

Finally after comparing both batches of the delivered journal bearings in terms of quality, the client discovered that the batch that was fixed locally was better than the one fixed abroad. And since that project, the client decided not to send any damaged parts to be repaired abroad in the future as he became confident in our capabilities.

Client : West Delta Electricity Production Company

Location : Abu Qeer & Kafr El Dawwar Power Plants

City : Alexandria & Kafr El Dawwar

Country : Egypt

Finished On : September, 2011

Remarks : This tender was considered the biggest journal bearings repair tender ever issued in Egypt. The scope of work included repairing 20 journal bearings divided onto 2 batches (14 sent abroad, and 6 got repaired in locally in Egypt. The batch that got repaired in Egypt outstripped the one that was repaired abroad by far, and since that project the company stopped repairing journal bearing abroad.